Friday (3:50PM - 5:50PM)

Design Thinking

Anne Laure Fayard | NYU Tandon | @alffayard

Honing Your Business Acumen

Michael Gawley | EisnerAmper | @EisnerAmper

How to Create a Media Buzz for Your Startup

Sarah Ryan | NYU Stern W.R. Berkley Innovation Labs | @nyuinnovation

Making Your Own Place at the Table

Joseph Schneier | | @JoSchneier

Putting Your Startup on a Solid Legal Foundation: The Ins and Outs of Corporate, IP, and Immigration Law for Entrepreneurs

Michael Kasdan , Evan Kipperman , and Najia Khalid | Wiggin and Dana

Raising the First Round of Capital

Andy Kangpan | Two Sigma Ventures | Stern ‘13 | @twosigmavc

Tips and Tricks for Rapid Prototyping

Victoria Bill | NYU Tandon MakerSpace | @nyumakerspace

Saturday (2:50PM - 4:50PM)

Beyond Costs and Benefits: Vetting Opportunities for Long-Term Growth

Erin Pierson and Sule Dedekarginoglu | Wagner Capstone Class | Wagner '19

Demystifying Early Stage Funding from Accelerators to Angels to Funds

Jenny Fielding and Austin Crouse | Techstars | @techstars

Financing Your Startup -- Debt, Equity, Digital Currency/Tokenization

Matt Uretsky | McCarter & English | @mccarterenglish

Go to Market Strategies for B2B Entrepreneurs

Joanne Lin | Newark Venture Partners | @NewarkVc

How to Build a Culture for Your Future Employees

Dylan Shaban | Otto's Tacos | Tandon '18 | @ottostacos

Legal Issues for Startup Companies

Jared Sorin | McCarter & English | @mccarterenglish

Machine Learning & AI

Steven Kuyan | NYU Tandon Future Labs | @NYUFutureLabs

Modern Architecture

Tejpaul Bhatia | Google Cloud | @googlecloud

NYU Accelerators

Rebecca Silver | NYU Entrepreneurial Institute | @nyuentrepreneur

Opportunity Zone

Michael Meyer | Kearny Point | @KearnyPoint

Partnering & Negotiating: Business Development for Your Startup

Dana Levin-Robinson | VirtualHealth | Stern '15 | @VirtualHealth

Time's up!: How to Master the 90-Second Pitch

Phoebe Punzalan | NYU Stern W.R. Berkley Innovation Labs | CAS '06, Wagner '10 | @nyuinnovation

Exploring Your Value Proposition

Dee Dao | NYU Entrepreneurial Institute | @nyuentrepreneur